1. Matapi Resource center

We believe that one of the best tools to uplift a community from poverty is to provide access to information. In light of this, we have set up an Information Centre at Matapi crèche and to date we have collected 1000 books for the resource center.Our longer term aim is to:do my homework for me

  • Acquire up to 5000 books including school textbooks,
  • Source 2 handcarts to be up-cycled to function as mobile libraries,
  • Install 10 desktop computers, each equipped with Internet access,
  • Develop a website platform for the youth of the Matapi Flats community.
  • Set up a wireless internet facility at Matapi Creche.

2. Voices from Mbare
The initiative gives young people the platform  to lobby and advocate on issues affecting the community and Zimbabwe. Poetry,traditional dance,music,drama,drawing,carving and short films are used in lobbying and advocacy.
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3. Sponsor an artist campaign
The project seeks to link young struggling artists in Mbare with philanthropists and organizations for support with resources to publish their works