In everything we do, we believe:online dating sites hot russian brides reviews

In thinking differently, In challenging the status quo, In endless urgentessay.net possibilities, In taking responsibility over our lives, In equality of all people, In serving humanity.

And that PEACE, RESPECT for others, UNITY of purpose and the enduring power of LOVE are the core foundation to creating a better world for all.

OUR VISIONonline dating sites hot russian brides reviews

We see challenges we face as opportunities for development and innovative solutions.

We understand that our ghettos can be the heart and soul of ambitious young people, the cradle of genuine development. With this as our driving force, we aim to create nurturing platforms that will serve the community of Mbare.


Our mission is to economically and socially empower young people between the ages of 18-32 living in Mbare hostels community through creative expression in the arts

We will achieve this by:

  1. Supporting artists with resources to develop their talent and earn a living.
  2. Conducting exchange programs linking us to like-minded communities around Zimbabwe and beyond,
  3. Identifying and supporting impromptu speech topics for high school community led innovative ideas – thereby supporting local initiatives to local challenges,
  4. Inviting investments & partnering with philanthropic individuals & organizations.